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Gaile  Martin

I.m searching for someone to write my life story. It is so unreal that the best writer in the world could not begin to even dream up the things that have happened to me! From my 3rd birthday until today, all of it is in my head and I have tried to put it together in story form, and cannot seem to do so, but if anyone would just talk with me for 30-45 minutes, I truly believe they would beg to write my story!!

Would you or do you know of someone who would give me a few minutes of their time?
I have a cousin who is an attorney and he could draw up papers to both parties satisfaction and would not charge me for it!
Plz send answer A.S.A.P. as I am nearly 72 years old and am not in the best of health right now and would love to see my life in print before dying. It would help so many people to see how much one person can tolerate and still live and be grateful for what little I have financially, but wow, what lessons I have learned.
Thank you for your time.

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