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Jody Moreen

From Jody Moreen- compiler of book penned by John Newton,1700's "Letters and Reflections to My Adopted Daughters"
Dear Christine, I was thrilled to hear about your book, The Longing Season, and your fascinating study of the true life of John Newton, hymn writer, Amazing Grace! I will share about your book with all my online groups I host- especially this week of the movie release!
I too found out some amazing truths about John Newton in study. I bought a vintage copy of John Newton's 21 letters to his adopted daughter penned in 1700's,published by the American Tract society in 1800's. I contacted them for I was SO moved by the letters as a daughter and also an adoptee as his 2 daughters- his orphaned nieces on his wife Polly's side. My leather bound vintage book find on ebay was published by the American Tract Society and they gave me their blessings to reprint his letters and another narrative about his other adopted daughter that they published also in 1800- Desiring that others not MISS this godly man's love for his daughters and his stellar example of godly parenting as seen in his letters to Elizabeth and narrative of his other daughter Eliza's strong faith in Jesus shown the last 3 weeks of her short life- dying of tuberculosis. No one reads of the FATHER- John Newton. A beautiful loving father!!
I long to go to Olney England and see Newton's museum where my book is now in their shop! Visited London 2 years ago and missed it! Blessings, Jody Moreen
Editor Adoption Blessings Journal

Jeanette Korrect

I hope you'll announce your 3rd book in the "Music" series soon. I'm librarian for our small church in rural Iowa, and have already received memorial money earmarked for that 3rd book. We usually purchase thru Christian Book Distributers(but not always.)

Will your third Music book be about "O Love, That Wilt Not Let Me Go?" That song has a special meaning for me, as it ran thru my mind daily when my husband was in hospice over 17 years ago. What will the title be? And when is the projected date of publication? Thanks for adding this info to your column.........or even better, for answering this e-mail, if possible. Jeanette Korrect, Laurens, Iowa

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